Spontanansökan – Dansktalande kundservicemedarbetare

We are looking for Danish speaking customer service talents! – Vi søger dig, der taler dansk!

The Wofi offers recruitment and staffing solutions in customer service; the delivery of competent and ambitious customer service staff. We work actively to raise the status of work in customer service and to prove what fantastic results can be achieved with phenomenal customer service staff, who deliver service beyond the ordinary. 

Dansk <3 The Wofi= sandt
The Danish language is an important skill that our clients need from time to time, as several of them work towards the Nordic market. We are interested in getting in touch with Danish speaking talents. Knowing Swedish and English is a plus!

WORKING WITH THE WOFI- Consulting assignments and direct recruitment

The Wofi helps you find exciting jobs or consulting assignments of your choice of career, and we work with many attractive clients. With solid experience in the customer service industry, we know what is required for a successful collaboration, where you as an employee are the most important cornerstone of the business.

As a consultant with us, you are covered by the collective agreement, which gives you a secure employment. Contractual terms regarding holidays, salary, pension, sick leave etc., is a no-brainer. In addition to this, you get an individual mentor, who is available throughout your employment period and who ensures that you develop in your professional role, and thrive in your workplace. 

For employment directly in our clients organization, it is our client’s conditions that apply, and you will of course be notified of these during the recruitment process. 


Submit your application today! Feel free to write a few lines in the box ”cover letter”/”pitch”, or in an attached personal letter, about what you are interested in working with. We recruit in customer service, where our clients vary, and offer a wide range of challenges. What challenges are you looking for?

Please note that this is an advertisement for future recruitment assignments and that we will not return to you until we find a suitable position. Thus, it may take some time for feedback, or not be provided at all, if we do not receive an assignment for a longer period of time. If you have any questions about your application, you can contact us here.


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